Video 2: Lead Generation

7 Creative Techniques To Generate Leads


If you’ve looked into real estate investing before you already know generating leads of motivated sellers, eager buyers and loaded investors is the only thing between you and your next million dollars. Here Cody shows you how he effortlessly generates thousands of lucrative leads on autopilot using free and low-cost tools. As you watch this video you will instantly grasp:

    + A simple, free “trick” to get people to call from your signs.
+ How to find dozens of people who will bring you deals and
   buy your deals.
+ The power of free social networking sites to build your
   own money-machine network.
+ How to instantly identify and leverage local partnerships for
   quick, high-money deals.
+ Where to go to grab a free list of people in your local market —
   or any market–who are ready to invest in your deals
  After watching this powerful video, you will also want to grab this additional free resource and take your game to the next level…

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67 Responses to “Lead Generation”

  • aaron:

    You Guys Rock!

  • theresa:

    Awesome content! Definitely will assist the non-experience investor. I look forward to implementing your strategies in completing my first deal.

  • karen:

    Thanks for all your helpful, FREE information. Great job.

  • Gregory D. Harris:

    Guy’s I invest and work in the commercial real estate industry, and focus retail strip shopping Centers Class A power centers. This is great training for residential!
    Warm Regards,

    Gregory D.Harris

  • Ron Aguilar:

    Great information, thank you very much

    • admin:

      No problem Ron…we are glad you like the videos and hope they help you make some money!!!

  • Carin:

    Thanks for sharing the useful information, particularly Linkedln lead machine and Google surfing.
    I would also like to share one lead generation technique with you –
    You can go to local government tax collector’s office e.g. township or city, ask for a tax delinquency report that is a list of the local residents who own property tax, then send them a letter offer your help. Some may response to your letter.
    Good luck with real estate investment!

  • Michael G:

    Great Info!! Thanks so much!

  • clifford:

    Great info and thanks will start use this technique. Keep us the good work.

    • admin:

      Will do. Just do me a favor and tell a couple of friends about my site and help spread the word.


      Cody Sperber a.k.a The Clever Investor

  • Andre:

    Man, what a breathe of fresh air you are Cody.

    I am so tired of all the same crap out there. This is REAL education.

    Just claimed my starter kit, can’t wait to get it in the mail.

    I will be sending you my success story as a testimonial soon! 🙂

    – Andre

  • Mauricio:

    Thanks Cody..

    • admin:

      Your welcome! 😉

  • Natasha:

    I am definitely going to implement what you shown…Thanks for giving this information at no cost to us.

    • admin:

      Hey…no problemo! I put together this training to give “action takers” like you some direction. These tips, tricks, and strategies worked extremely well for me and now they should help you as well. Best of luck and keep me in the loop as to your progress!

      Cody Sperber a.k.a The Clever Investor

  • Matt:

    Great video! Don’t belive you give this stuff away for free, can’t wait to see what is in the Starter Kit!

  • Cindy:

    Great info loved the linked-In tip valuable!

    • admin:

      Thanks Cindy…glad you learned something that you can apply to your REI biz!

  • Jon B:

    Great information Cody,look forward to your next video. Contact me with a link to customer support,had a problem with order would like to know if transaction was sucsessfull.

    • admin:

      customerservice @

  • Mary Stead:

    Great info that I will start using now. Thank you

  • Alex Mompoint:

    This is another great video , showing the different ways to generate leads through marketing efforts could bring us very good investment properties from motivated sellers.
    Thanks !

  • OLA:


  • kathryn briere:

    hi cody. i am getting ready to get your program. i believe you are honest and knowlegeable. you would never have gotten barbara corcoran on board if you werent who you say you are. I am viewing the free 7 day video series. i love it and im looking forward to joining you. thanks for the motivational aspect of your training. sincerly, kathryn

  • Robb:

    Cody… This is excellent and modern information on lead generation. I really want to thank you for that. Just the tip alone for bandit signs is fantastic and as someone that used to teach on this stuff around the country I had never thought or heard about doing it this way. On a personal note I just want to thank you for helping me get back on the rei horse. After a ton of transactions we got pretty clobbered the last few years and honestly have been wallowing. Im borrowing your energy and enthusiasm on these videos to really help me get back in the game. Thx so much for that. The path ahead is bright.


  • Kee’lena Savage:

    I can greatly appreciate this wealth of free knowledge being provided that is priceless! Taking ACTION!

    Thank You So Much!

  • Russell:

    This video was awesome. Thanks! I will do this and watch the results.

  • Anne Gulab:

    Thanks for sharing some valuable tools… I am going to work on them tomorrow! Great job!

  • john:

    always good info i am looking forward to using them thanks cody

  • Tish Thorpe:

    Clever ways to gain leads. Very interesting!

  • Sharon DeBerry:

    Cody, again all I can say is “Thank You”!! You are the only one that I have found to date that is willing to share real knowledge that actually works without breaking the back of the beginner investor. I’m much further along because of you. We all thank you for your earnestness! I already have your FAST TRACK PROFIT SYSTEM and it’s an awesome and detailed package as well. “You are blessed because you bless others in an unselfish way”.

  • franna:

    Wow, someone that truly gives FREE video training and nugget information that you can do now and not a bunch of hype.. Truly appreciated.. I already sent off for the starter kit..

  • Kelli Lane-Hayes:

    Hey Cody….

    Awesome that you are sharing this VALUABLE information with us NEWBIES. It is greatly appreciated. I am actually working with and mentoring with some folks that know you from AZ. They said you know your stuff. Perry and Terry Penny…go back to the Russ Whitney days….they were mentors. Any who-small world…really, really appreciate your time and knowledge!!! If you ever need anything from Michigan from an awesome lady…. 🙂 let me know. I am surrounded by investors/cash buyers who have and want properties.

    Much Prosperity and Success,

  • Miguel Nieves:

    very good info on generating leads the best part is FREE, Thank you. Cant wait to see other videos

  • Eugene:

    All of your information is great before I found this I just didnt believe any of the crap people were trying to sell me but you make it so easy big ups to you for the priceless info.

  • Tam:

    OMG this was DOPE! So tell me, all this time I do see these signs “we buy houses cash” or something like this… This is what these folks are doing here too? OMG this is REAL!!!!

  • adib muslim:

    I am seeing the types of testimonials that really get your engines reved up,generating the feeling of excitement/I am Truly Impressed,inspired,and motivated to join the family so that I too can realize SUCCESS/
    Adib M.

    • admin:


      We are so happy to hear that, thank you!

  • JQT:

    Thank you so very much for providing such IMMENSE value at such a fair cost. Wish we had found you prior to spending thousands on other programs. Your generosity, honesty, simplicity are hugely appreciated and will garner you continued success. Thanks for leading us to success!

    • admin:


      Thank you for your kind words! We are so happy to hear you found our information helpful, please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Udo:


    we are a real estate service that helps people like yourself sell their house in 7 days or less, by buying it.

    I’m looking for an agent who is working with real estate investors.

    I want to buy, fix and sell. And I want to make a $20,000 to $30,000 profit.

    Let’s look at the listings that are “starter homes”, properties that are listed “as-is”, “vacant”, and “price reductions”.

    Do you have a list of cash buyers of real estate within the last 90 days?

    I’m happy to work with you together!

    Please contact us if you need help with your house-selling.


    Diversity Realty, LLC.
    Udo Ginczek

    • admin:


      Please contact us at 888-480-6617 we can give you all of the information you need to get started.

  • Drider:

    everytime you pick up a camera, you get betetr, and betetr and betetr and betetr and betetr .you amaze me!!! thank you so much for doing all you do with all the crap the I throw at you, my job throws at you, the boys the dog etc you friggin’ rock!!! ily!

    • admin:


      Thank you for those kind words, we are happy to hear you are happy the information we provide. 🙂

  • Allen:

    Thank you so much for the free info….Cody you are the MAN, you just proved the saying that some of the Best information out there are indeed FREE.

    • admin:


      Thank you so much for those kind words! We are ecstatic to hear you have found our information useful. We look forward to watching you succeed on this real estate journey.

  • Thank you sooo much for this golden knowledge you shared with us, greatl appreciate you thanks again,,:


  • Thank you sooo much for this golden knowledge you shared with us, greatl appreciate you thanks again,,:

    THANKS AGAIN,,,,Lavinia Fuapau

    • admin:


      You’re very welcome! We are here for you, and we can’t wait to watch you succeed!

  • Dan Anderson:

    Cody Sperber… Just want to say thank you for your kindness to help us out.I am inspired also in your very valuable lessons you are giving us so we can succeed as well! Thank you for everything Dan

    • admin:

      Thank you so much for those kind words! We are honored to be a part of your success. Please keep us updated as your business grows, we wish you the best of luck.
      Thank you again!

  • Ron Fleming:

    I find your ideas right “on point” Thanks a lot.

    • admin:


      Awesome! Thank you for the kind words, we truly appreciate you. You are defenitly heading in the right direction towards success 🙂



    • admin:


      We are so happy to hear you are enjoying the videos! We Have a great Mentoring program you can get accepted into. The first step is to fill out the application click the link to access that information 🙂

  • jay:

    thanx for the helpful info Cody, as i am in the process & getting ready to purchase your FAST TRACK SYSTEM, looking forward to the journey to success as an REI…i am a beginner but am very excited, enthusiastic, eager, & very hungry to learn everything i can about the business from you & your team…. Thanx again for the opportunity!!!!!!!!!

    • admin:

      We are so happy to have you as part of the Clever family! We know you are going to do amazing things with this system. You truly are on the right road to success 🙂

  • Ana:

    I could not see the video because your advertising wont let me.

    • admin:

      Ana, We apologize for the technical issues. Please reach out to us at 888-480-6617 we are happy to help you.

      Thanks 🙂

  • danna:

    Cody, I cannot believe that I have had your material for over a year and had not started using it until recently. I have been on the edge of real estate for years and have stayed “on the edge”!! Because of your material, I am excited about this business and really ready to make some money. I can hardly wait for Video 3. Way to go!

    • admin:

      We are so happy to hear you are enjoying your system! You are defenitly heading in the right direction!!

  • Laura:

    I actually already received your starters kit in the mail. I need to get on it and start studying it! Thanks

    • admin:


      Cody knows you are going to do amazing things with the Starter Kit, he truly believes in you. Please keep us up to date with your success.

  • STAN:

    Love to take you up on the Start Kit offer, however seems like format your offering is DVD. I haven’t had a DVD player in a long time ! !

    Do you have downloadable version?


    • admin:

      Great question!
      When you purchase the Starter Kit you will receive access to the online version and that will have the video on there. 🙂

  • Dennis:

    I just looked at the #2 video. IN the part showing the bandit signs it appears that the one that says remodeled houses ( the word remodeled is spelled wrong) Was this intentional or am I wrong? Are you advocating that using misspelled words is an attention getter?

    • admin:

      Thank you for bringing that to our attention we truly appreciate the feedback. I will defenitly get that over to the programmers so they can edit that!

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